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CDLC Medical Information Services Program Guide

Guide for CDLC Member participation in the Medical Information Services Program


CDLC's Medical Information Services Program (MISP) is part of a state-wide program funded by New York State to provide New York State residents with improved access to current, up-to-date medical information. This includes both healthcare consumers and the clinicians who will provide their healthcare.

In the Capital District Library Council's area of service this program funds interlibrary loans and library staff medical information education and training. The interlibrary loan aspect provides access to medical information from sources not owned by a requesting institution or library. The education and training opportunities give library staff the tools and knowledge they need to find and obtain this information.

Interlibrary loan allotments are determined for each institution by their past medically related interlibrary loan use. Education and training sessions funded by the Medical Information Services Program are open to all CDLC program members.


What is the Medical Information Services Program (MISP)?

MISP is a program funded by New York State to help New York libraries provide health and medical information to patrons. CDLC uses these funds to directly reimburse member libraries for a portion of their interlibrary loan costs for health and medical information.


Can any library receive payment for its library’s ILLs with MISP funds?

Yes, as long as the interlibrary loan request is for health or medical information. If the interlibrary loan request is submitted to a for-profit library, it needs to be a library of last resort.


What determines how much my library receives?

Interlibrary loan expense reimbursements are determined for each institution by their past health and medical interlibrary loan expenses.


What expenses do I include in the MISP Member Library Statement annual amount?

Include any money that you spent—either directly, using EFTS, or IFM—for health and medical information obtained from another library.  You should also include any charges from the National Library of Medicine, and any from the Copyright Clearance Center for health/medical related articles.


What is EFTS?

The Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) is a transaction-based electronic billing system for ILL and document delivery. Go to for more information.


I didn’t spend any money this year for health or medical interlibrary loan transactions. Do I still need to submit a signed statement?

Yes. Even if you didn’t spend any money for medical information this year, we need to know for future planning purposes.

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