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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

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CDLC Interlibrary Loan

CDLC libraries agree to the free exchange of library materials, including, when necessary, gratis photocopies. To support this interlibrary loan activity, the Council maintains a Union Catalog (Capital District Library Access Catalog or CaDiLaC) which includes monographs and the Union List of Serials. CDLC also coordinates the Direct Access Program (DAP) and participates in OCLC WorldShare ILL, DOCLINE, and NYSILL.

Interlibrary loan requests come to the Council via the CDLC eForm. Requests are searched against CaDiLaC for area locations. The results of these searches are then relayed to the requestor, usually by email. For requests with no area locations, CDLC will refer a request via OCLC WorldShare ILL subsystem or DOCLINE.

CDLC also acts as a NYSILL site for its member libraries. This enables CDLC libraries to access the New York State Library to request monographs, journal articles, ERIC documents, U.S. Patents, NTIS reports, and government documents.

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